Love and failure

Love makes life beautiful.
Understanding, caring, pure form of relationship is called love. There is no other power in this world that is as strong as love, love is the only medicine. Man and woman are born to learn things through a great relationship called love. Love is Devine. Only love have the power to unify the world. There is no other force that can break true love.


If there are love failures, that is because of some fears or wrong understandings, people are living here on this planet to learn new things. Until death the life should be fulfilled by virtue, action for the welfare of the world peace. But love failure means losing something or someone forever. But or is not final, suicide is very unpleasant one. Death should be a natural one. A suicide person cannot escape from the truth even it becomes a curse that is always putting the person on the same path so that he overcomes the feelings. So suicide is unpleasant. Live well. Be in love with small happiness. Because small things lead to great happenings in future. Be happy.


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